1. After Hours Support Network helps pilots facing the IROP
    The DPN After Hours Support Network (formerly known at DPN 24/7) launched the same day as the IROP and fielded 137 calls in five days. The volunteer pilots who took these calls helped pilots with time-sensitive scheduling questions, and gave your feedback to the MEC.
  2. Seat Change Issues Form helps identify deadhead and non-rev boarding issues
    Though improving, seat change issues continue. DPN has introduced a new form, Seat Change Issues, on the Delta MEC Pilot Report page on dal.alpa.org to facilitate pilot feedback on these issues. If you have a scheduled deadhead and are unable to upgrade your seat within 24 hours of departure, or if you or an eligible pass rider is denied an entitled upgrade or moved once boarded, submit BOTH an FCR to the Company AND a report on dal.alpa.org.
  3. Scheduling Committee asks pilots to review their time cards after IROP
    The Scheduling Committee advises all pilots to review their time cards after the recent IROP. To update rotations to reflect actual times for release and report, Crew Scheduling must be notified. Read more in Vectors 20170421.