1. Directly access the digital flight plan, or email it to your whole crew
    No need to trade folded paper back and forth, improvise cutting boards, or commiserate about perforations (or the lack thereof). With a simple click on iCrew or iCrew mobile, pilots will be able to email themselves or their crew the interactive digital flight plan.
  2. Hyperlinks take you where you need to go
    The digital flight plan offers hyperlinks to each section, making flight plan entry and verification a streamlined process of Direct-To flight plan navigation.
  3. Save time on your preflight Jeppesen Flight Deck duties
    This feature will save you time, hassle and keyboard connections. The digital flight plan extracts the route of flight, and puts it in Jeppesen Flight Deck-friendly formatting. Just copy and paste, and you’re done.
  4. NOTAM navigation is a breeze
    No more searching or scrolling. Direct links take you to NOTAMs specific to your operation. WARTS and NATS will become an exercise in efficiency.
  5. Calculate your HOWGOZIT waypoint times automatically
    Your mental math skills can take a breather on international flights. When you input your OFF time into the digital flight plan, waypoint times are automatically populated. Relief pilots, this one’s for you.
  6. Data makes it better
    Finally, the cellular data plans that will be implemented this summer will make digital flight plan access that much easier, especially on quick-turns and through-flights.

The digital flight plan will be available to all Delta pilots this summer. To test the technology, visit johnfbell.com.