1. Stay up to date on news from the MEC Meeting

The MEC met in regular session June 5-9 in Cincinnati. Summaries of each day’s meetings are available here, and the official meeting minutes and resolution tracking are available on the Delta MEC website, dal.alpa.org, on the Secretary’s page. Additional daily summaries are available on our Delta MEC Facebook page, and live updates were shared in real-time on our Delta MEC Twitter account.

  1. New digital tools available to pilots

Both the Digital Flight Plan and the Flight Weather Viewer Plus app launched in June, providing pilots a step forward in technology on the flight deck. Check out the Flight Weather Viewer Plus IT Update and Digital Flight Plan tutorial video for more information.

  1. Government outreach a focus

Several pieces of legislation proposed in June impact you, from secondary cockpit barriers and ATC reform, to first officer qualification standards and protecting US jobs from “flag of convenience” schemes (NAI) and unfair trade practices (ME3). The Government Affairs Committee works directly with lawmakers to promote the rules and policies that protect our profession and advance pilot careers. Learn more about current calls-to-action at alpa.org, and consider donating to the ALPA PAC.

  1. PUB Events prove effective way for pilots to interact

One of the best ways to get involved in your pilot union is to attend a PUB (Pilot Unity Building) event. These events are typically held twice monthly in Atlanta with a focus on pilots attending training, though all pilots and their families are invited to attend. A special PUB event was held in Cincinnati aboard the Belle of Cincinnati riverboat cruise during the June Regular MEC Meeting. We had a fantastic local pilot turnout, and attendees were able to engage one-on-one with MEC reps and leadership. More PUBs are scheduled in the coming months, including two special events in August: the Henry Ford Museum PUB in Detroit and the “Wild West BBQ & Fish Fry” in Park City, Utah. For more information or to RSVP visit dal.alpa.org.