If you’re new to ALPA or haven’t followed along with live updates from a Regular MEC Meeting, here’s how it normally goes: The officers and committee chairs present reports, Delta leadership or a guest speaker talk with the group and answer questions, the MEC discusses and votes on resolutions, and other ALPA business is completed.

Pilots are welcome to attend the meeting, which helps you stay informed about your union’s business and understand pressing issues affecting the pilot group. But stepping up and presenting at an MEC meeting during open speaking time gives you the opportunity to affect change or increase awareness on what matters to you.

Open Speaking Time

At every regular meeting, time is reserved to offer pilots a chance to present to the MEC. Your own council representatives and the entire MEC are listening at these open sessions, and it’s your opportunity to have your voice heard.

Some significant changes to your union have resulted from open speaking time at MEC meetings. The Pilot Family Matters Committee garnered support as a result of pilots advocating for its creation at the March MEC Regular Meeting, and was created as an official committee in June.

This time has also been used to talk about pilot issues, discuss current affairs, and suggest ALPA focus areas. Pilots have also come forward to offer the story of their personal experience with certain Delta MEC initiatives, such as the Furlough/Emergency Relief Fund. Feedback on your own experiences can help promote awareness and continued support for the good that these types of programs do.

This August, the regular MEC meeting has open speaking time schedule on Tuesday, August 15, from 12:30–1:00pm. Per the Policy Manual, each speaker has up to ten minutes to present on a topic of their choosing. Contact your local council if you’d like to reserve speaking time. Find your council’s contact information by visiting dal.alpa.org.