ALPA held its 63rd Air Safety Forum last week in Washington D.C., where two Delta pilots were recognized for their outstanding achievements and efforts in enhancing safety for pilots. Captain Scott Hammond and First Officer Matt Clark were awarded the Presidential Citation for their tireless commitment to advancing the Association’s security and safety work.

In addition to his work with the ALPA Safety Council, Capt. Hammond also serves as chairman of the Delta ALPA Central Air Safety Committee where he has been a diligent advocate for all things related to aviation safety. His work in advancing safety-reporting programs has resulted in a collaborative approach between pilots and management, and has led to better coordination across the board. Capt. Hammond’s efforts on behalf of ALPA have made him a respected voice for pilots around the world.

For several years, First Officer Clark has dedicated his efforts toward gaining a better understanding of security-related incidents and using that information to protect pilots. In addition to serving as chairman of the Delta ALPA Aviation Security Committee, First Officer Clark has been a strong advocate for pilots through his role with the Critical Incident Response Program and the Delta Pilot Network.

We are grateful to have Capt. Hammond and First Officer Clark on the Delta team. Join us in recognizing their contributions to aviation safety.