The Delta MEC developed a new resource to help you make the most of your career: Pilot Dashboard. This new tool, which replaced Pilot Tools, offers additional and enhanced features including seniority and pay calculators, retirement projections and more. These tools provide insight into how seniority and position may affect your quality of life, but are intended to be used for informational purposes only. A beta version of the Pilot Dashboard is now live on the Delta MEC website – test it out and share your feedback!

Retirement Projections

How will future retirements affect you? The improved retirement projection tool offers a glimpse into your future at Delta and how planned retirements will affect your seniority, pay and quality of life. Updated monthly, this snapshot reflects known age-65 retirement projections and includes early retirements as reported.

Seniority Calculator

The seniority calculator on the Pilot Dashboard is even more robust and comprehensive than the current version. It includes graphical depictions of seniority over the course of your career, as well as showing your seniority in specific bases, categories and positions. Similar to the original Pilot Tools version, the new seniority calculator also calculates your projected seniority in your current position as well as your percentage in other bases, categories and positions.

Estimated Pay Calculator

This new Pilot Dashboard feature calculates your current year total compensation based on 76 pay hours each month at your current position, Company 401(k) contribution and profit sharing for CY2017. The calculator displays your estimated monthly, annual and profit sharing take-home pay (i.e., total compensation less 35% withholdings for things like federal and state taxes, for example). This new calculator also compares current year compensation to the following year’s compensation, assuming no position [equipment or status] change.

 Pay Calculator

This tool has also been updated on the new Pilot Dashboard. The new user-friendly interface makes it easy to see how your pay will be impacted as you change positions [aircraft or status].

Beta Testing Pilot Dashboard

We encourage you to visit the MEC website and explore the Pilot Dashboard tools. These new tools and all the information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge and is intended to be used for informational purposes. The Dashboard is currently in beta testing, so you may find that some of the functions do not work properly or give inaccurate information. If you discover any inaccuracies or technical issues, please email  with the details. Importantly, ALPA does not provide bidding advice and assumes no responsibility for any errors, omission or actions resulting from the use of this information. Your feedback will help improve the Dashboard’s accuracy and user experience. We appreciate your help and hope that you find the new Dashboard useful.