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Regular MEC Meeting – March 5-9, Orlando, Florida

As we prepare for the first MEC Regular Meeting of 2018, held in Orlando, Florida, March 5-9 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center, we spotlight below how MEC meetings are scheduled and function, specifically in relation to the upcoming meeting in Orlando. The Delta MEC Policy Manual fully outlines the operation of MEC meetings. For a more detailed review on the proceedings and formalities of all MEC meetings, please refer to the post on Understanding Your Union: MEC Meetings.

  • Scheduling and Location 

The MEC chairman is responsible for calling all regular and special MEC meetings as necessary for the efficient handling of MEC business. The meetings are held at different cities throughout the Delta system, often at a pilot domicile or where a substantial number of Delta pilots reside or can easily commute, as is the case in Orlando. Meeting details are publicized so that any member in good standing can attend. Meetings are open to all members in good standing, though portions may be presented in closed session where the MEC temporarily closes the meeting during discussion of a specific subject.

  • Membership Participation

Speaking rights are granted to visitors at the discretion of the MEC chairman or by a majority vote of the MEC. An open speaking period is always part of the scheduled meeting and announced in advance as notification of intent to address the MEC is required, and should be coordinated through the member’s LEC representative(s). This open speaking period is normally scheduled on the second day of each regularly scheduled meeting. This time is scheduled for 12:30pm on Tuesday, March 6 for the Orlando meeting. Speaking time is divided equally among all speakers, but not to exceed ten minutes for any one individual.

  • Meeting Structure

On the first day of the MEC meeting (Monday, March 5), the MEC chairman’s report will be given; this includes an outline of the chairman’s activities regarding active action items passed at previous MEC meetings. Additions or changes to the agenda may be made at any time in accordance with the ALPA Constitution and By-Laws.

  • Meeting Minutes & Live Updates

Open sessions of all MEC meetings are recorded via the keeping of minutes. Final minutes are sent daily to the pilot group, LEC officers and ALPA National office, and posted on the MEC website.

Pilots can also follow along with the meeting live via our Delta MEC Comm Facebook page (daily updates) and Twitter (live updates).