Delta Air Lines is going through a transition before our very eyes. Over a few short years, pilots shed flight kits and the dreaded Jeppesen revisions and they were replaced with EFBs. And now, hiring demographics have shifted to a younger, civilian group. More women are flying now than ever before, and Delta’s hiring reflects that.

The future of Delta Air Lines can be seen in someone like the Company’s new-hire pilot, Kate R.

First Officer Kate R. has a retirement date of January 2059, when she will hold the number one seniority position in the company. Aviation DNA is in her family—her dad flies 737s at AA, her mom is a Delta 767 captain, and her older sister is a Delta MD88 first officer. Kate learned to fly from her sister when she was a teenager, and started her professional career flying a B1900 at Great Lakes. This enthusiastic professional has along career ahead of her.

Join us in celebrating the success of women on the flight deck on International Womens’ Day, and recognizing their contributions every day.

Story & Photos by First Officer Jay Bradshaw