The Pilot Dashboard has been available to pilots for just over a month and the Delta MEC has received very positive feedback. In fact, several pilots used these tools to consider their options in the recent AE. The Dashboard provides retirement projections, a seniority calculator and a pay calculator, and additional tools are being developed to provide pilots greater insight into their careers.


During beta testing, the MEC was made aware of several bugs in the system related to inaccurate or missing seniority numbers. It’s also important to know that it takes time to load new hire data, so some information may not be immediately available to new Delta pilots. Should you discover a problem or have an idea to enhance the tools, please email to help us improve the accuracy and user experience.


The video below shares a short overview of the functionality of some of the tools available. Check out the video here:






As a reminder, these tools and all the information provided is intended to be used for informational purposes. ALPA does not provide bidding advice and assumes no responsibility for any errors, omission or actions resulting from the use of this information.