Every month we update you on the highlights of what’s happening in your union.


  1. MCO Tower Tour
    The Delta Pilot Network (DPN) coordinated a tour of the Orlando Int’l Airport Air Traffic Control Tower to offer Delta pilots an opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of the MCO tower facilities. Experiences like this are meant to promote a positive relationship with our fellow aviation professionals as well as provide an opportunity to meet fellow Delta pilots and ALPA volunteers.
  2. MEC Meeting & PUB
    The Delta MEC met in Orlando for five days for a Regular Meeting. In attendance at the meeting were all your LEC reps as well as MEC committee chairs. These Regular Meetings are a chance for pilots to review works-in-progress and plan for future efforts. Notable topics covered included: preparations for upcoming Section 6 negotiations, scope challenges and opportunities, scheduling issues and much more. All pilots are invited to the attend these meetings.

    DPN also coordinates a Pilot Unity Building (PUB) event in conjunction with the meetings, to invite line pilots to meet their reps, committee members and MEC leadership. The March event was held at The Pub Orlando where more than 130 pilots and their families came together to connect with their union while enjoying food and fellowship.

  3. Hotel Changes (LOA 18-01)
    Direct input from you, the line pilots, revealed a desire to tweak current long\short layover hotel selection. For a long layover a downtown location is often desirable, but in some cities a “long” layover isn’t long enough to make the sit in traffic worth it. Also, some downtowns may not have as much to offer as other off-airport locations. The concept of a “mid” layover hotel was agreed upon between the Company and ALPA. Most cities will be unaffected. FCRs continue to be the way to express problems with current layover arrangements.
  4. Delta Pilot Charitable Fund
    Thanks to pilot donations during the past holiday season, the Delta Pilots Charitable Fund was able to donate $10,000 to the Rally Foundation, supporting research into childhood cancers again this year! Thank you to everyone who donated and proudly wore their holiday tie.
  5. Air France Work Action
    The pilots of Air France have, and continue to, engage in legal work actions to protest their employer’s resistance to improved compensation. From MEC Alert 18-10:

    “Delta management has assured ALPA there will be no increase in gauge or frequency on Delta flights carrying AF code in response to or during an AF pilot strike. During the period of an AF pilot strike, Delta pilots should not fly any extra sections to France or any extra sections that carry AF code.”