The Delta MEC is introducing a new way to learn about scope issues: the Dots on a Map podcast.


Section 1 of the PWA is the cornerstone of the Pilot Working Agreement and vital to a Delta pilot’s career, so it is important to understand fully.

The Dots on a Map podcast series will dive into the essential elements of scope and our PWA’s protections, highlight the importance of scope language in our contract and explain why joint ventures without assurances of equitable growth for Delta pilots are an emerging threat to our careers.

Captain Brent Allen, Scope Compliance & Analysis Committee chairman, and guests will discuss the history behind our business partnerships and the challenges ahead in each 10- to 15-minute episode.

In episode one, “Access. Revenue. Influence. Delta’s Partnerships Explained,” Captain Allen introduces code shares, joint ventures and ownership stakes. Episode one is now available on iTunes, Google Play Music and Overcast.  Search for “Dots on a Map” on your favorite podcast app. Stay tuned for more!