This is the ninth installment in a series of posts designed to explain the structure and function of your union. Knowing how your union works and who to contact when you have questions or issues you want addressed will help you make the most of your career. Today we’re looking at the Policy Manual and the Policy Manual review process.

It’s that time again… the MEC Policy Manual Review! Yes, it sounds dull, but periodic revision allows the MEC to keep pace with changes in how the union does business and ensures we are operating by standards that make sense in the current times.

Let’s begin with a quick review on what this document is: the ALPA Constitution & By-Laws direct that ALPA groups engage in certain actions, for example have meetings and form committees. All MECs must operate within these guidelines, but the details on how to fulfill these mandates are general, allowing each MEC to formulate rules that are practical to their unique circumstances.

The Delta MEC Policy Manual outlines the specific rules and procedures for running the Delta MEC. The 76-page Policy Manual includes topics ranging from elections for MEC officers, to current committees/subcommittees, to political endorsements and negotiations procedures.

The first page of section one of the Delta MEC Policy Manual provides direction on this period review and update:

“This Policy Manual shall undergo a comprehensive review no less frequently than every five years. The MEC Chairman shall appoint a minimum of three status representatives to conduct the review as a Special Committee, with the MEC Secretary, and designees as needed, providing administrative support. The Special Committee shall review policies for compliance and obsolescence, shall make recommendations for policy changes, and shall address policy changes as directed by MEC resolution. The review should also evaluate the effectiveness of committees including scope, staffing, duration, and work product.

“The Policy Manual may be amended at any regular or special meeting of the MEC by two-thirds (2/3) vote and will be amended as necessary to keep the language consistent with the ALPA Constitution and By-Laws and the ALPA Administrative Manual.

“When revisions to this Policy Manual are recommended, such proposed changes should be placed on the agenda of an MEC meeting in accordance with the rules governing such action by the MEC.”

The ad-hoc Delta MEC Policy Manual Review Committee (PMRC) was created and tasked with reviewing and proposing recommendations for changes to the Delta MEC Policy Manual late last year. By resolution, the proposed Policy Manual changes are available for membership review in advance of their consideration on the MEC Secretary page ( > Administration > Secretary’s Page). The menu on the right has links to LEC/MEC resolutions, PMRC resolutions and resolution tracking.

If you have input on the proposed resolutions, please contact your local council representatives.

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