With this month’s rollout of the iPad Pro to all line pilots, a new platform means a new set of tools and features. Even for pilots who have previous experience within the “Apple ecosystem,” continual product evolution brings about newer, faster and easier ways to use your tablet to the fullest. Below are tips that will help you best utilize your iPad on and off the flight deck. Thank you to all the pilots that submitted tips!

  1. Faster Editing

At the end of an email or long web address, it can be frustrating to find a typo or error and have to navigate to the exact spot to fix it. Apple saves us here: Use two fingers anywhere on the on-screen keyboard to turn the whole keyboard into a trackpad, move one finger left or right and watch the cursor on the text move accordingly.

  1. Screenshot

Forget how to take a screenshot? Hold the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time to save a picture to your Screenshots album in Photos. NEXT LEVEL: Edit the saved screenshot by tapping on it immediately after its saved; from here you have a variety of colors and writing styles available to markup the image.

  1. Use as a Second (or third) Alarm Clock

Tired of unreliable hotel wake-up calls? The iPad’s alarm can be used even when the device is sleeping with the cover closed. As long as your iPad has a charge and is not powered off you have the option to use the Apple alarm clock. You can also edit the alarm sound. Make sure to have your volume turned up and set a tone other than “Silent” otherwise you might be getting a call from one of your crew members as your wake up call!

  1. Quick Number Access

There’s no need to select the “.?123” button to gain access to numbers. Select the letter with the desired number and drag down. Congratulations, you have just entered the desired number.

  1. Take Care of Your Battery

Lithium-ion batteries pack a lot of power for the weight, but they aren’t perfect. One way to maintain the capacity potential of your battery is to minimize its exposure to high temperatures. Leaving your device in your trunk between trips this summer may prevent it from being left at home, but the heat exposure will result in diminished capacity. Try to store your iPad in a cool, dry place. To improve battery life for a long duty day, be sure to turn off “Cellular” sometime before going airborne, then turn it back on when you need it for your next flight. Also, keep your Bluetooth off when you don’t need it.

  1. Downloading the Flight Plan from iCrew Mobile

In order to successfully download your flight plan from iCrew Mobile you must follow a few steps. Go to your settings app and scroll down to Safari. Deselect the “Block Pop-Ups” under general settings. Then go to iCrew mobile, fill in your flight information in the flight plan section and select “View/Download PDF”. Click “Allow” on the popup asking to allow a pop-up window and the flight plan will download.

  1. Slide Over

Since Split View is not currently supported with Jepp FDPro v3.0, “Slide Over” works great to review NOTAMs and highlight taxiway/runway closures within Jepp while using a PDF or HTML copy of the Flight Plan. Simply open JeppFDPro, then swipe up from the dock, press and hold either Safari or another browser (such as Chrome) and drag it up to the main portion of the screen. You can now view a page in your desired browser on top of FDPro. It helps to pre-populate the browser page first with the flight plan. You can drag the browser to either the left or right side of the screen using the horizontal line icon at the top. Then, highlight away

  1. Boost Your GPS Signal

If you’re not getting a strong GPS signal, rotate the iPad to portrait mode. The GPS antenna is located in the top of the iPad and you’ll get a better signal if the antenna is positioned at the top.