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  1. ME3 Victory
    Monday, May 14, the U.S. State Department and representatives of the United Arab Emirates announced a diplomatic understanding regarding fair and appropriate financial and business modeling under the U.S.-U.A.E Air Transport (or “Open Skies”) Agreement. The UAE has committed to a freeze on any additional Fifth Freedom passenger flights to the U.S., and has pledged to employ international accounting, auditing and disclosure standards. The agreement additionally requires Emirates and Etihad Airways to pay customary fees for the use of their airports. Recognizing this and the preceding Qatar accord to be as promising as any pledge on paper can be, we are developing monitor and advocacy designs meant to ensure realization of the level conditions we’ve fought for and expect to see.
  2. AeroMexico JV Anniversary
    May 8, marked the one-year anniversary of Delta’s JV with Aeroméxico, yet there has been no movement on the negotiations with ALPA to establish an equitable production balance. The recent Chairman’s Letter details the disconnect between the Company’s position and the concerns of the Delta pilots. We encourage management to return to the table with efforts to address fair and equitable protections for Delta pilots. While Delta celebrates this partnership, Delta pilots are left without an agreement that ensures fair growth between the partners of this JV. Aeroméxico is set to potentially more than double its current mainline fleet by 2021 with 60 737s on order (with an option for 30 additional) and 18 dreamliners. To learn more about the Aeroméxico JV, visit the DALscope.org website and the Scope Committee page on alpa.org/dal. We encourage all Delta pilots to educate themselves on scope issues and provide feedback to elected representatives and chief pilots.
  3. Retirement Resources from the R&I Working Group
    The R&I Working Group has developed communications and accompanying videos to explain how our current Delta Pilots Savings Plan (DPSP) works, it’s benefits and limitations, and what additional retirement savings vehicles are available.
    Check them out here:
    1. C2019 Preparedness Bulletin 18-01 — Understanding Your Retirement
    2. DPSP Video
    3. C2019 Preparedness Bulletin 18-02 — Enhancing Your Retirement
    4. Enhancing Your Retirement Video