Every month we update you on the highlights of what’s happening in your union.


Seattle MEC Regular Meeting
The Delta MEC met in Seattle for the June Regular MEC Meeting. In attendance at the meeting were all your LEC reps as well as MEC committee chairs. These Regular Meetings give the MEC committees an opportunity to update the MEC reps (and all pilots) on their works-in-progress and upcoming efforts. Notable topics covered included: preparations for upcoming Section 6 negotiations, scope challenges and opportunities, scheduling issues and much more. The MEC also works to review resolutions, give direction (as needed) and discuss current issues. The meeting summary, committee reports, resolutions and presentations can be found on the MEC Secretary’s page at alpa.org/dal. All pilots are invited to the attend these meetings.

Pilot Unity Building Event
The Delta Pilot Network (DPN) coordinated a Pilot Unity Building (PUB) event in conjunction with the June meeting to invite line pilots to meet their reps, committee members and MEC leadership. The PUB was held at Rein Haus German biergarten in downtown Seattle on Wednesday June 6. Approximately 120 Delta pilots and their families joined the MEC in bocce ball and enjoyed delicious German food.

“Dots on a map” Podcast  
“JV Negotiations Explained,” the second episode of the Dots on a Map scope podcast, is now live on iTunes, Google Play Music and Overcast. This episode features a conversation on the current state of JV negotiations with the Company, focusing on the Aeroméxico JV, and why these negotiations are different than past negotiations. To listen, search “Dots on a Map” in your podcast app. Dots on a Map is a Delta MEC podcast series about scope topics. Every episode is also available on DALscope.org.

Atlanta Tour Tour
The Delta Pilot Network (DPN) coordinated a tour of the Atlanta Airport Air Traffic Control Tower to offer Delta pilots an opportunity to go behind-the-scenes of the ATL tower facilities. Experiences like this are meant to promote a positive relationship with our fellow aviation professionals as well as provide an opportunity to engage with fellow Delta pilots and ALPA volunteers.