“Over the next 20 years, the Asia Pacific region will lead the worldwide growth in demand for pilots, with a requirement for 261,000 new pilots. North America will require 206,000, Europe 146,000, the Middle East 64,000, Latin America 57,000, Africa 29,000 and Russia/ Central Asia 27,000.” -Boeing

What was your inspiration for your journey to an airline flight deck? Was it a trip up to the cockpit of an MD-88 on your way to Disney World when you were nine years old? Maybe your inspiration came from a family member or friend that introduced you to aviation and sparked your interest that led to a career as an airline pilot? Whatever your inspiration was, it most likely happened at a young age and it stayed with you.

ALPA and its 60,000 members are playing an instrumental role in inspiring, educating and advocating for the next generation of North American airline pilots. Through the “Cleared to Dream” campaign and the “ALPA ACE Mentor Program,” as well as hundreds of other community outreach projects, ALPA pilots are reaching out to thousands of children from elementary school to high school.

This year, several ALPA members from United, Delta, FedEx, ExpressJet and Alaska were in attendance at EAA Oshkosh AirVenture 2018. Many Delta pilots volunteered on their own time to help support ALPA’s outreach program, inviting guests to a booth in the exhibitor’s hangar for conversations about the airline industry and the “Cleared to Dream” campaign. In addition, volunteers led hands-on activities at the KidsVenture hangar with a weight and balance station and a walk-around demonstration of a Cessna 150. ALPA also had the spotlight at the EAA Forum Plaza. United Airlines pilot, Mark H. gave a “Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot” presentation and FedEx pilot Kandy B. spoke on “Women in the Airline Profession.” Over the course of the Airshow, ALPA volunteers interacted with thousands of young, enthusiastic, aspiring aviators.

The future of our profession is in our hands. ALPA, and all 60,000 members, have an important role in inspiring our future generation of airline pilots.

Let’s take our inspiration and make it theirs.

-Capt. Jason Ambrosi (DAL) demonstrates the importance of weight and balance using a simple exercise at KidVenture.