Fellow Delta pilots,

At a special MEC meeting last week, your elected representatives provided the Negotiating Committee with final direction for our contract opener, which we will present to the company on schedule per the Pilot Working Agreement (PWA) on April 5. The MEC met six times (five special meetings and one regular meeting) during the last four months to review the data you have provided through multiple polls, surveys, meetings, emails and direct contact with your elected representatives. Your priorities were clear, and the opener reflects the pilot group’s collective feedback to significantly restore value to our contract. No stone was left unturned in crafting this important document — one that will help positively shape our careers and future for years to come.

Once openers are exchanged, the negotiating process will begin in earnest with direct meetings between ALPA and our Company counterparts. Due to the complexity of our PWA, Section 6 negotiations are historically more of a marathon than a sprint. However, our goal is to reach a timely agreement that rewards Delta pilots for your important role in fueling the Company’s profitability.

Every day, you keep safety at the forefront while helping Delta achieve unprecedented performance and customer service scores — all of which contribute to Delta’s revenue premium. The bankruptcy era is in the rearview mirror and has been for quite some time.  The time is now for the Delta pilots to share in the success we have helped create through our past sacrifices and by the leadership we demonstrate on the line every day when interacting with our fellow employees and customers.

The Negotiating Committee is putting the finishing touches on our opener, and we will share it with you immediately following the formal exchange with the Company. You can also expect a series of educational pieces about the Section 6 negotiations process. Whether this is your first contract as a Delta pilot or your last, knowing how negotiations proceed under the Railway Labor Act is important as it will drive our strategy moving forward.

After the exchange of openers, our negotiating plan is to meet with the Company on a regular cadence — and as often as possible. We will keep you informed every step of the way. If you have not yet had a chance to do so, watch the “2019 Contract Openers Are Coming” video.

I’m proud of the hard work that has produced our Contract 2019 opener and am honored to serve on your behalf during this important time in our history as a pilot group and union.

In unity,

Captain Ryan Schnitzler, Chairman

Delta Master Executive Council