Make the most of your overnight with this handy guide, curated by your fellow pilots. Restaurants, entertainment and other must-see attractions are shown on the map below to help you plan your stay. Save this map to your phone or other mobile device, and get walking or transit directions. Missing a must-see venue? Email with suggestions.

Safety Disclaimer: Always be alert and follow general safety practices when traveling in any city. Click here for the crime data map of your layover city.

Restaurants & Cafés
Burger Bar Warmoesstraat
Casual place for the best burger in Amsterdam, reservations required
Café-restaurant van Kerkwijk
Small wooden tables fill this homely, relaxed cafe where waiters recite the changing menu options

Bars, Pubs & Breweries
Wynand Fockink Proeflokaal en Slijterij
Variety of drinks at a small daytime pub
The Pilsner Club
This snug vintage pub offers cocktails & various beers on tap, along with sidewalk seating

Breakfast & Coffee Shops
The Happy Pig Pancake Shop Amsterdam
Build-your-own-waffles with endless choices and reviews that speak for themself
latei café rocknroll
Soups and sandwiches served in a cafe where the vintage-themed decor is for sale

Trails & Fitness Centers
Expansive, 19th-century urban park with a playground, ponds & an open-air theater
Zuiveringshal West
Old gasworks buildings converted into shops, eateries, bars, workshops, plus park & festivals

Theaters & Sports Venues
Amsterdam Theater
Performing arts theater
Unique venue offering concerts, films & other cultural events, plus a cafe for small plates & beer

Museums & Tours
19th-century building housing Dutch Golden Age painting masterpieces & vast European art collection
Anne Frank House
Museum house where Anne Frank & her family hid from the Nazis in a secret annex, during WWII