Make the most of your overnight with this handy guide, curated by your fellow pilots. Restaurants, entertainment and other must-see attractions are shown on the map below to help you plan your stay. Save this map to your phone or other mobile device, and get walking or transit directions. Missing a must-see venue? Email with suggestions.

Safety Disclaimer: Always be alert and follow general safety practices when traveling in any city. Click here for the crime data map of your layover city.

Restaurants & Cafés
Glacier Brewhouse
Wood-dominated dining room with local seafood, wood-grilled meats & house-brewed beer
F Street Station
Low-key bar serving up seafood & draft beer, plus a weekend brunch with a popular eggs Benedict
Pangea Restaurant And Lounge
Tapas place serving up modern European and Mediterranean dishes

Bars, Pubs & Breweries
49th State Brewing Co – Anchorage
Hugh beer selection, excellent reviews of all the gastropub favorites

Breakfast & Coffee Shops
Dark Horse Coffee Co
Specialty brews, sandwiches & pastries offered in a cafe with outdoor seating

Trails & Fitness Centers
Coastal Trail – Elderberry Park
Northern trailhead extending along the water to Kincaid Park

Theaters & Sports Venues
Bear Tooth Theatrepub
2nd-run & indie moviehouse that also hosts concerts, serving microbrews, wine & casual eats

Museums & Tours
Anchorage Museum
Alaskan artifacts & artworks, plus a science center and planetarium